"JICL" is non-governmental organization which studies the constitution systematically and aims at dignified realization of an individual.

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About us

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
The Constitution tells the government to protect the people, but sometimes its principles are ignored by powerful political forces. In Japan, there were many cases of that kind and we still have the same problems. Japan Institute of Constitutional Law[JICL] is a private non-profit organization dedicated to research and public education on the principles of the Constitution. It declares the dignity of individuals, pacifism and fundamental human rights, that's why we think it worth to protect. We would like to create a better life together with all the peace-loving peoples of the world.

We should treasure our peaceful Japanese Constitution!

JICL conducts research, prepares documentation, engages in litigation, andorganizes local citizen groups to work for reform. We can deliver lectures or workshops overseas too.

'JICL Constitutional Document Database'

Surprisingly, no other organization has ever provided a sufficient database on the Japanese Constitution. We would like to build one as soon as possible, which is aimed at ordinary citizens' use as well as scholars and academic fields. The Constitution should protect the weakest citizens, and they should know their rights.
We also help the constitutional lawsuits, by giving advice from our guest researchers who are prominent constitutional scholars in Japan.

A website full of information on the Constitution!

JICL will introduce various ideas and proposals on the Constitution, made by constitutional scholars and people from various fields. There will also be news of events, books and other information on human rights activities.

Japanese 'Peaceful' Constitution for all the world!

JICL will introduce the Japanese Constitution in English and other languages and organize international events to promote worldwide discussion.

The Japan Institute of Constitutional Law[JICL] was established on the3rd of November, 2002 on the 56th anniversary of the proclamation of the Constitution of Japan. We welcome constitutional scholars to be JICL guest researchers and share this special feeling for 'peace' and help us in research and administration.

The website of REISHAUER INSTITUTE of JAPANESE STUDIES is introducing the website of JICL.

This institute opposes revision of Article 9, popular election of the Prime Minister, structural revision of the Prefectural Governments, and the process of constitutional revision. It also opposes revising the current constitution without further discussion and understanding of its principles. The website is very large and contains an online database of numerous books and theses regarding constitutions. These sources are categorized so that browsers can reach a large number of books related to a specific subject; however, this institution only introduces basic information (name of the book, author, the year published, etc.) about the sources but not their content. The website also introduces a series of articles explaining constitution-related issues for junior and senior high school students, as well as a large amount of constitution-related movements, articles, events, court judgments, and movies.