"JICL" is non-governmental organization which studies the constitution systematically and aims at dignified realization of an individual.

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Message from the Director

We established the website of Japan Institute of Constitutional Law in May, 2004.
Here is the address given by our director Makoto Ito at that time.

Let's talk about the Constitution

Makoto Ito
Director of JICL
May 10, 2004

Welcome to this website of the Japan Institute of Constitutional Law. We would like to learn and think about the Constitution together with the citizens. We would like to share the information on constitutions of Japan and other countries.
On this website, we will introduce you various opinions and books on the Constitution every week. We will also inform you about civil actions and lawsuits regarding the Constitution. We have a constitution database, too. We would like you to make the most of this website to learn, think and transmit messages and information about the Constitutions.

I think the most important value of the Japanese constitution is respect for individuals. Each individual should be respected. The three principles of the Japanese constitution of pacifism, respect for fundamental human rights, and popular sovereignty can be all derived from 'respect for individuals '. The right for each citizen to live a decent life is more important than the interests of the nation or groups. We see the world today is in pain because this principle seems to have seen forgotten and people are suffering from conflict, famine, environmental crises, security crises etc. Now, we think it is the time to remember the principle of 'respect for individuals'. We have a mission to express this to the world.

The Constitution of Japan went into effect in 1947. It is now at the point of its greatest ordeal. The Japanese ruling party and the largest Opposition are trying to amend it. Many Diet members support the amendments, but it is clear that people don't have a complete picture of what the constitution says, what kind of rights they have, and what they could lose. I am deeply concerned about this situation. I have taught constitution to many law students preparing for the Japanese bar exam and other legal certifications, and I would like to share this experience with many people all over the world. I am looking forward to meeting you and your friends through the JICL website and associated events.

Makoto Ito's Profile
Born in 1958
1984 Qualified as a lawyer
1995 Opened 'Ito, Makoto's Bar Exam School to nurture lawyers to realize constitutional principle.

Director of Japan Institute of Constitutional Law
Lecturer on constitution and law in various field